The first Acupuncture practice in the Jacksonville area specializing in the complementary treatment of eye diseases with the Acunova Protocol.
Needles are NEVER placed in the eyes.

AT JOY VISION ACUPUNCTURE, we CAN also HELP all the body systems:

80% of patients acheive eyesight improvement with natural, highly specialized acupuncture treatments

Dry and Wet Macular Degeneration (ARMD) – 83%
Blindness due to brain disorders – 82%
Glaucoma / Green Star – 81%
Retinitis Pigmentosa – 80%
Eye diseases caused by diabetes – 79%
Other eye diseases – on average 80%

Joy Vision Acupuncture

Better Vision

Improve vision naturally with points on the hands, feet and brow.


Improve your quality of life with acupuncture, proven to be effective for a variety of health conditions.


Ponte Vedra Beach, a place to unwind and reset. We are located 1 block from the beach. 


Rejuvenate in our peaceful setting while you heal. Our private treatment rooms offer comfortable recliners or a massage table. 

Our Mission

is to Improve Quality of life

As we grow our goal is to develop a fund to help those with a lack of resources receive acupuncture treatments.



time tested holistic medicine

Acupuncture is part of a comprehensive medical system and can be used for a wide variety of conditions. Acupuncture's use for pain is widely known. There is strong  modern evidence of effectiveness for over 50 conditions and it has traditionally been used as part of a treatment regimen for many more. Acupuncture has also been shown to be very safe when delivered by a qualified provider. Many of the top medical institutions in America now incorporate acupuncture into their patient's care, including the Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, and the Cleveland Clinic.

Listen to Erica Joy Siegel talk about the benefits of the Acunova protocol and how Joy Vision Acupuncture can help you to restore your vision.


Acunova Protocol

acupuncture for the eyes

Joy Vision Acupuncture is on a mission to help save people’s vision. For most of us, vision is crucial for quality of life. Using acupuncture, specifically the Acunova Protocol, has a proven track record of achieving this goal. Our focus is to help you focus!

Acunova is a new system of acupuncture developed by Denmark doctor and acupuncturist, Dr. John Boel, who was elected “Acupuncturist of the Century” by an international congress of complementary medicine.

Acupuncture needles are never placed in the eyes. Acunova is based on a microsystem of the hand. Its points are situated near specific joints. From these points, signals are sent to the brain to influence healing of the ocular system.

For the best results:

Acupuncture is a type of therapy. It usually works best to do several treatments within a short amount of time. We are helping to retrain the brain & body to respond in a healthy way. 

Post Treatments:

Occasional treatments are usually suggested once you’ve achieved desired results to help maintain them so the body does not fall into old habits of response. 




Conditions may be influenced by a multitude of factors. As a holistic medicine, advice and referrals may be given on nutrition, relaxation, emotional support, exercise and supplements. 

Herbals & Supplements

Joy Vision carries herbal formulas and nutritional supplements to help on your journey. We provide consultation on which supplements will help you most.

Improving quality of life is our goal. Using Acupuncture and the Acunova protocol has a proven track record of achieving this goal.

About Erica

Erica Joy Siegel advanced through rigorous training for practicing Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. After studying for over 3,200 hours and seeing over 1,000 hours of patients in California, she continued her studies in China. Since that time, she owned 2 successful practices in Indianapolis, Indiana for 15 years before moving to Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Her former practices were Indy Acupuncture & Health Services and Indy Downtown Community Acupuncture.

I went to Erica for burning, red and dry eyes. I had suffered for many years and did not even know there was help beyond drops that did not work. Erica suggested the Acunova treatment and I have to say, it works. My eyes no longer sting or itch and I feel my vision has improved. I cannot wait to see how much better I can get with continued treatment. I highly recommend this to anyone in need of relief. An added bonus-the office is comfortable and inviting.

– Parker Alter, Florida

I started to see Erica Siegel for Acupunture treatments in 2019. Due to retina thinning in my left eye my vision became worse. My vision became higher than the CDL requirements for my job as a driver. Starting in 2019 Erica began treatment periodically over the next two years specializing in treatment mainly for my eye. If it wasn’t were her specialized treatments I thoroughly believe I would have not passed my CDL physical both in 2019 & 2021. I fully endorse Erica Siegel in her vision treatment practice! Thank you again Erica for how you helped me!!

– Phil Stark, Indianapolis

Before going to see Erica, I’d never tried Acupuncture before. However, the tightness in my back & neck was such that I decided it was time to try something new. I don’t know how it works, I don’t understand exactly why it works, but it’s amazing how well it works for me. I’m glad I made the decision to call Erica.

– Robert Waller

I went to Erica to address Carpal Tunnel symptoms with my hands. With increasing frequency my hands were going numb without warning and off and on during the day. This became a heavy numbness in which I couldn’t feel my fingers and made simple tasks, including using eating utensils, difficult. The doctors I visited could only recommend surgery.

– Diana Lehr


Acupuncture for Eyes

Acupuncture for Eyes

Acupuncture is sometimes used as an alternative treatment for eye health problems. Many people see results and benefits of acupuncture on their overall eye health. Studies show that acupuncture can help treat eye conditions such as dry eye syndrome.

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Acupuncture Relieves Pain

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Acupuncture More Effective Than Placebo

Acupuncture More Effective Than Placebo

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