Herbal Consultation

Traditional Chinese herbal knowledge is one of the oldest and most written about medical system in the world.

We carry herbal & nutritional supplements useful for specific conditions. We use only the most tested brands made in the US with strict quality controls. Traditionally, acupuncture and herbal medicine are used concurrently.


  • Premiere Research Labs
  • Healing Oasis
  • Kan Traditionals
  • Health Concerns/ Life Seasons
  • Blue Poppy Herbs

Most herbal formulas cost $30 – $50 for a 2 week – 1 month dose.

*Note: Most of the top herbal companies only sell to licensed practitioners for public safety reasons. Please be cautious of random online purchases of herbal medicine as there are reported cases of fraudulent knock-offs of top brands online. Consumer be(aware).

Cost: $90 (30 minute consultation)  included if you’re receiving acupuncture or Acunova treatments

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