Feng Shui

Wind & Water

It is the ancient Chinese philosophy, science, and art that studies the way life energy (chi or qi) flows throughout the environments we inhabit. The origin of Feng Shui stems from combat intelligence –  how do you place yourself in the best position to defend an attack? From there, it branches to positioning of cities and urban planning. Since ancient times, humans have found ways to harmonize themselves with nature and their living and working environments. How we choose and use our environments effects our lives. Feng Shui is one-third common sense, one-third good design, and one-third ancient knowledge and traditions. All three make use of “enhancements” and “cures” that have worked for centuries to initiate balance and harmony in one’s environment to enhance quality of life.

By using Feng Shui and heightening our awareness of the energy that surrounds us it is possible to improve our health, wealth, careers, friendships, love life, joy, and ability to manifest intentions. Feng Shui is a catalyst for taking control and responsibility for the wellbeing of our lives and environment. Call or email for a free consult about your project.

Cost: $252/hour (usually takes 2 hours)


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