Cupping is the application of suction cups, usually for pain relief or to help recover from pathogens such as those responsible for common colds.

There are many types of cupping, most leave round hickey marks for roughly one week, depending on the individual. The marks are not painful; however, they may be slightly tender the day of treatment. Cupping can feel like a brief deep massage (5-15 minutes). It is a wonderful muscle tension reliever.

For the 2-3 days following cupping, it is suggested to drink more water, eat healthily, and take an epsom salt bath if available. This will help the lymph system flush out the internal toxins that are pulled up toward the surface with cupping. It’s suggested to wait until the marks are gone to receive more cupping.

 Cost: $90 (20-30 minutes)
Complimentary if receiving acupuncture

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